The Freixenet Group is an established and successful family owned wine business, present in over 140 countries and owner of the world’s most powerful sparkling wine brands.

The fifth generation of the Ferrer family run the business and are passionate about making the best possible wines, uncovering new and better technologies and respecting the environment.

The Freixenet Group is one of the world’s largest sparling producers and export 80% of all Cava in Spain.  Every second, six bottles of Freixenet wine are opened somewhere in the world.

However, while the production of Spanish Cava remains at its core, the Freixenet Group is also involved in the production of high quality still and sparkling wines in other prominent winemaking regions around the world including Australia, Argentina, Mexico, USA, France and Spain.

At Freixenet, we believe excellence and leadership are not only achieved with the quality of our products, but also entail commitments with the world we live in.

Whilst enjoying huge growth from its humble beginnings in Sant Sadurni to becoming the number one sparkling wine in the world, Freixenet continues to keep its family character and champion a philosophy that has been passed on from generation to generation and that represents the cornerstone of the brands’ growth and success.

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