Elyssia Grand Cuvée
Technical information
Pinot Noir
Ageing Time
15 months in the caves
pdfTasting Notes
Elyssia Grand Cuvée

The grape varieties used to make the base wine for this cava are: Chardonnay, Macabeo, Parellada and Pinot Noir.

The Chardonnay is cultivated in the Freixenet family vineyard "La Freixeneda" in Sant Quinti de Mediona, where the chalky strata creates an excellent soil for these grapes. It is an early ripening variety and the harvest begins in the middle of August. The wines from this variety are extremely elegant giving floral aromas of acacia and sweet honey notes as well as ripe pineapple and peach fruit. They are wines with high aromatic intensity, as well as being relatively high in alcohol, but with good high acidity.

An important contribution to the base wine comes from the traditional Penedes varieties Macabeo and Parellada also cultivated in "La Freixeneda" vineyard. The distinctive ripe apple and pear aromas of the Macabeo, and the delicate floral aromas of the Parellada bring balance, harmony and finesse of finish to the dominant Chardonnay.

At the beginning of September, we pick the Pinot Noir, a grape low in tannin, but which gives a depth of structure to the body, along with elegant fruity flavours in the palate

 Cava, a taste for moderation
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