Brut Vintage
Brut Vintage Reserva
Technical information
50% Macabeo
15% Xarel-lo
35% Parellada
Ageing Time
Between 18 and 24 months
pdfTasting Notes
Brut Vintage Reserva

The varieties which are used in the production of this cava are Xarel-lo and Parellada.

The Xarel-lo is harvested first, in mid September, and the Parellada towards the end of the month, and in to October.

The grapes are all brought to the winery in 25kg capacity plastic boxes.

The must for Brut Nature is obtained by a very light pneumatic pressing, and we only take the first run juice for the production of Brut Nature.

The pressed juice is allowed to stand for 24 hours to precipitate solid matter.

Once it has considered clean, it is transferred to the fermentation tanks, keeping the two varieties separate from each other.

The first fermentation is done in controlled temperature stainless steel tanks at temperatures between 14° and 16°C.

Into these tanks we seed the appropriate yeasts, taken from the Freixenet collection, in the appropriate quantities, and the first fermentation gets underway.

It is complete after 10 - 12 days, and following a series of rackings and treatments, the wines are blended in the appropriate quantities and prepared for bottling and the secondary fermentation in bottle.

Tasting note
This is a high quality Cava, much appreciated by lovers of fine wines. It is completely natural and unsweetened, and receives the optimum bottle maturation time to create a perfect balance between body and acidity.

It is a pale straw yellow colour, star bright and with a fine, persistent mousse, rising to a perfect crown.

The nose is complex, balancing citrus fruit, light toasty notes, dried fruit and pastries, the finally hints of preserved fruits, especially peach.

Very dry on the palate, soft, and with a fine bubble and good fruitacid balance. It is refreshingly appealing, and full of fine flavours. There is citrus, a hint of honey, with light touches of dried fruit, in a complex, intense and elegant finish.

 Cava, a taste for moderation
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