Brunch is perhaps the most versatile of all meal occasions, lending itself to endless variation and creative interpretation. Usually served at 11 a.m. or later, it borrows foods from both lunch and breakfast. Brunch can be formal and celebratory in nature, intimate and romantic, or the ideal occasion for a casual outdoor gathering. And what better time to serve sparkling wine? Shimmering with bubbles and sporting a fresh fruity taste, for centuries it has been the wine of conviviality, celebration, elegance and romance.

Sunday Brunch
Most of us think inviting guests for Sunday brunch, and for good reason; on Saturday you can get organized, leaving Sunday to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal. A simple, make-ahead menu can include Brunch Berry Shortcakes, finely shaved prosciutto or ham, chilled asparagus and a selection of cheeses. For the table, turn handsome frosted black Freixenet bottles into vases. Line up a few individual bottles down the centre of the table, each holding a few long stemmed blossoms.

Easter Brunch
After a rollicking Easter egg hunt, gather friends and family together for a festive Easter brunch. Make a charming centrepiece by surrounding a basket of ivy or moss and nestling paste-tinted eggs in the centre. The menu: mustard-glazed ham, roasted new potatoes, asparagus, devilled eggs, fresh fruit, and angel food cake decorated with spring pansies and violets. The wine: pour Freixenet’s Cordon Rosado, a beautiful blushing sparkler.

A Romantic Brunch for Two
Smoked salmon and champagne for bunch? It’s both elegant and romantic. If you’d like, add cream cheese, toasted brioche and fresh fruit. Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut, in its elegant black and gold bottle, is the perfect choice with these foods. Afterwards, rent a bicycle built for two or takes a leisurely stroll.

Garden Brunch
When the weather turns warm and the garden is in full bloom (even if only a few potted plants on the deck), plan an outdoor brunch. Fill a wheel barrow or large flower pots with ice to hold bottles of sparkling wine, mineral water and juice. Let guests make Mimosas, equal parts of fresh squeezed orange juice and Cordon Negro sparkling wine.

Celebration Brunch
Anniversaries, birthdays and wedding showers are ideal occasions for brunch. Start with Bellini Cocktails then move to a sit-down brunch of a Cheddar-Chilli Soufflé that can be made-up ahead of time, a leafy green salad, crusty French bread and perhaps a rich chocolate dessert. On the table, wrap brightly colored tissue paper around potted plants and secure with twine or ribbon.

Spanish Brunch
Sparkling wines marry well with many international dishes, even those that are spicy and considered difficult for wine. Because our sparklers are made in Spain, we suggest a brunch that includes Spanish Potato Omelette, roasted peppers, marinated olives, a tossed green salad and fruit poached in sparkling wine.
 Cava, a taste for moderation
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