The most oft-popped corks in the world say "Freixenet" and it all began with a wedding. Through the marriage of Dolores Sala Vivé of Casa Sala and Pedro Ferrer Bosch of La Freixenada, two winemaking families merged in the early twentieth century to lay the groundwork for this famous cava house.

In 1915 they began selling their products with the Freixenet name as a nod to the nickname given to Pedro Ferrer by the locals.

By the 1920s, the family's flagship sparkling wines were experiencing great success domestically and internationally as Spain’s cava industry got off the ground. Business was booming until the start of Spain’s Civil War, during which time the family suffered the loss of both patriarch Pedro Ferrer and his oldest son. With great determination the widowed Dolores Sala Vivé took over Freixenet in order to provide for her four young children.

As Dolores used her oenological prowess to nurture the fledgling company, her children grew with it, working in the family business while living in a small apartment above the winery. In 1978, her oldest living son, José Ferrer, became CEO. A sharp, savvy marketer, José's direction took the company to new heights. Now semi-retired, José’s son Pedro, a fourth generation Ferrer, manage the multinational operation. Under his guidance, Freixenet continues to expand by purchasing wine estates in some of the world’s most prominent appellations.

Freixenet has always produced its wines from its own vineyards, replanted after the spread of phylloxera with the Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada white grape varietals most suitable for making sparkling wines, a process which has always been – and continues to be – carried out in strict adherence to the traditional method developed in France's Champagne region. Freixenet has also constantly expanded its vineyards while complementing estate production with purchases from other growers. Currently more than 2,000 local growers supply their grapes, grown to Freixenet's exacting specification.

By 2000, total production for the group exceeded 200 million bottles, accounting for over half of all Spanish sparkling wine production and 80% of exports.

The Freixenet Group is made up of companies located in various winemaking regions of the world and has a broad network of distributors. It focuses mainly on the production of sparkling wines under the traditional method, in which it ranks number one internationally. It is also Spain's top beverage exporter, with a presence in 150 countries. It is now a trans-national firm with winery operations in all of the major wine regions. And all the while, it has kept its family-owned character while remaining faithful to its roots with utmost respect for tradition while focusing obsessively on constant quality improvement, innovation, and progress.

 Cava, a taste for moderation
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